- UX Design 
- UI Design 
- Prototyping 
- Coding & Development 
- Debugging - Live Website
My Role:
- UI/UX Designer
- Web Designer and Developer

-The target is to use the existing PDFs of products to make a searchable product website for Toyota and Lexus dealerships use
-There are two different versions of PDF for each company, and each one has several categories and sub-categories
-The final product should be a combination of both PDF
-All the product information should be shown cohesively, and the product's images should be magnified when clicking on it
-The websites should be in English and French. Two sites for Toyota and two for Lexus
-The Toyota needed a function to switch between English and French sites easily

-Implementing two PDFs in two main categories or menu items
-Finding the sub-categories with minimum navigation
-Easy to find all the categories at a glance
-Working well on Desktop, Tablets and Mobile devices

So I needed to design a navigation system for two main product pages with fifteen sub-pages and the minimum navigation through the menu. Also, I had to place three more items in the main navigation bar.
So the first step was to make categories and sub-categories. It was a massive list of products, and I needed to think about the system for quick and easy access. 
List of Products
So I came up with these two concepts:
Use the interactive design below to see the functionality
Concept 1 - Interactive Prototype
Use the interactive design below to see the functionality
Concept 2 - Interactive Prototype
And finally, concept two won the contest. The next step was implementing this idea into a mobile version.

Use the interactive design below to see the functionality
Mobile Version - Interactive Prototype
The next concern was how to make the product section to work all-around all the devices. There were almost two hundred products and different information structures. So I needed to come up with a consistent system to cover all the requirements.
Most of the products had seven different pieces of information:
1- Product Name
2- Product Description
3- Product Image
4- Product Information (Part Number, SPQ)
5- Condition
6- Features/Benefits
7- Directions for Use
So it was crucial to design a template that covers all these requirements and works well in different breakpoints. 
I designed different approaches, and finally, I chose these three options for client's approval:
And finally, I ended up with this one:
Toyota and Lexus have their branding, and it should be consistent across all the websites.

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